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Hannah3.jpgMovie Review: Hannah and Her Sisters
Our Editor-in-Chief says this 1986 movie is "the perfect antidote to Sex and the City."

SATC3.jpgMovie Review: Sex and the City
Our reviewer writes, "Fashion and sex can't quite carry this brain-dead comedy."

HatsOff3.jpgMovie Review: Hats Off
This documentary about the life of eccentric nonagenarian Mimi Weddell entertains, enlightens, and inspires.

IntoTheWild_3.jpgMovie Review: Into the Wild
Christopher McCandless leaves all for a life of freedom and adventure in Alaska. Check out our reviewer's thoughts on this film by director Sean Penn.

YoungAtHeart3.jpgMovie Review: Young @ Heart
This new documentary tells the uplifting story of the band by the same name. One look at the trailer and we were hooked. Here's what our reviewer thought.

Honeydrpper3.jpgMovie Review: Honeydripper
In 1950s Alabama, the Honeydripper Lounge is going under. In a desperate move to wow his audience, the owner puts a traveling blues musician on stage.

ShineALight3.jpgMove Review: Shine a Light
Have the Rolling Stones sold out? Yes. Are they relevant to today's culture? No. Can they still rock and roll? Wow, you bet they can.

Pettigrew3.jpgMovie Review: Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
Desperate for employment, a naïve spinster is dragged into a world of debauchery and deception that she never could have envisioned in her wildest dreams.

Confessions3.jpgMovie Review: Confessions of a Superhero
This documentary follows four people who came to Hollywood seeking an acting career. Now, they make a living by dressing as superheroes and posing for pictures with passersby.

LittleMissSunshineMain3.jpgMovie Review: Little Miss Sunshine
The dysfunctional Hoover family sets out in their Volkswagen Bus, on a cross-country road trip to enter Olive Hoover in the Little Miss Sunshine Pageant in California.

InBrugesmain3.jpgMovie Review: In Bruges
Two Dublin hit-men who screwed up an assassination in London are sent to a remote city to lay low and await another assignment. Here is our editor-in-chief's take on the film.

TWBB3.jpgMovie Review: There Will Be Blood
The central focus of this Academy Award-winning movie is one man's struggle with his personal demons. Continue reading for our reviewer's take on the film.

Atonement3.jpgMovie Review: Atonement
A 13-year-old misinterprets the sexual encounter of her sister with the servant's son, resulting in serious life-altering consequences for all. Here's what our reviewer thought of the film.

TheKingdom3.jpgMovie Review: The Kingdom
A devastating attack occurs inside a secure America housing facility in Saudi Arabia, killing many American civilians. A team of four FBI specialists launch an on-site investigation in an attempt to find the lead suspect.

BeKindRewind3.jpgMovie Review: Be Kind Rewind
This movie follows the scheming but enterprising attempts to reproduce VCR tapes that have been erased. Here's what our reviewer thought of this flick.

TheSavages3.jpgMovie Review: The Savages
A middle-aged brother and sister are jolted out of their dysfunctional lives when they get word their estranged father has dementia.

Venus58.jpgMovie Review: Venus
Peter O'Toole's effortless performance in this film earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor. Check out our reviewer's thoughts on the movie.

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