Movie Review: Sex and the City

Our reviewer writes, "Fashion and sex can't quite carry this brain-dead comedy."

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


WARNING: This review contains spoilers. Please discontinue reading if you do not want to know details of this film's ending.


Name of Film: Sex and the City

Writer and Director: Michael Patrick King

Lead Actors: Sarah Jessica Parker (as Carrie Bradshaw), Kim Cattrall (Samantha), Cynthia Nixon (Miranda), and Kristin Davis (Charlotte)

Other Significant Contributors: David Eigenberg (Miranda's unloved husband), Chris Noth (Carrie's super-rich fiancÈe, "Mr. Big"), and Jennifer Hudson (Carrie's personal assistant, Louise, who steals every scene she is in).

The Story: The convoluted lives of four vapid women who have maintained their tight friendships over many years. The main character, Carrie Bradshaw, is a best-selling author about to be married to a super rich, too good to be true, nice but not exactly deep thinking investment banker. She's moved into his much too large Manhattan apartment and he's built her a closet the size of a basketball court for all her designer clothes and fabulous shoes. He gets cold feet on the day of the wedding and all hell breaks out.

Meanwhile, Samantha, who is much too old to be thinking about nothing but sex all the time, has grown weary of her studly soap opera actor boyfriend and is having rather too vivid dreams about the stud next door.

Unlike her friends, Miranda is only interested in her legal career, and hasn't had sex with her husband for months and, because he's horny, he has an affair and she kicks him out of the house.

For the sake of balance, the remaining friend, Charlotte, is completely happy being a wife and mother. Somehow through a twisted comic plot of improbable events, everything is resolved in the end (big surprise). Mr. Big makes up with Carrie, Miranda lets her husband back into the house followed by a predicatively torrid sex scene, Samantha moves back to New York from Hollywood so she can restart her serial sex life, and Charlotte remains dumb and happy.

Review: My first thought upon leaving the theater, besides why did I stay for the whole thing, was, "My God, what are we teaching our daughters?" Jessica Parker's Carrie Bradshaw is a totally self-absorbed 40-year-old, whose love for Mr. Big is based on materialism and the fact he is a good kisser. The idea that she can write best-selling books is either a pathetic statement about people who read best-sellers or simply laughable. She is however, stunningly dressed in every scene, a walking billboard for the fashion industry. I wouldn't mind this so much, or the excessive number of sex scenes, if the dialogue was witty and funny—which it isn't. The women in this movie are unattractive, mindless, and soulless—just to be fair, the men are much worse.

Mr. Big is a pig (can't think of any other word for it), David is a whimpy embarrassment to men everywhere, and the two studs have nothing going for them except much too large appendages—which I for one didn't need to see. One very bright spot was Louise, played by Jennifer Hudson. Louise was a real human being, delightfully fun, full of love, and good humor. I guess they made a mistake casting a real actor for this part.

Reason you should see this movie: Can't think of one, unless you want to check up on some of the latest women's fashions or unless you appreciate mindless—not funny—comedies. Or if you're simply a Jennifer Hudson fan—then I suggest you wait until the movie is half over before going in.


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– Reviewed by Dave Bunnell, Editor-in-Chief of ELDR magazine. Read Dave's review of Hannah and Her Sisters, a film he says is "the perfect antidote to Sex and the City."

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